Friday, October 2, 2009

My October Resolution

I have four weeks left and I don't want anything to ruin it. So far I've done great but the wear and tear of little sleep and talking ALL the time is starting to get to me. What's that old saying, "any woman worth her salt can do whatever she has to;" I truly believe that.

If there is extra I want to put it all in savings. Adam and I've been flaking and just stashing some of it away. I want to place 100% away.

This is always difficult because my family likes to do lists but I like to buy things I think they'll enjoy, I get a staisfaction from thinking about them opening it and loving it even though they didn't put it on their list. But if you mess up and are off mark then you feel bad, so their is an upshot and a downshot with my philosophy. My dear husband is a stickler for list shopping.

This is fairly important. We were planning on moving at the end of Nov but the manager just tacked on our door a letter informing us that if we choose to go past our lease date of Oct 31, then we go to month to month which will cost us $1630. That is crazy talk, I'm meeting with him tomorrow to see if he'll play ball and let us keep to our normal rent for Nov, if he won't then we'll be leaving a month early which means I need to find an apartment this weekend or next. Scary Scary...

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  1. Proud of your resolutions and the difficulty getting Bella to sleep in her own bed.. One thought - maybe it's not realistic to save 100% of extra income since you are always living on so little. Saying it's OK to some small splurges (as long as you are responsible) will relieve the guilt and give pleasure to living, which I think God desires for us along with us the other things he wants like our focus on Him. :) I can only imagine how hard it is to move Bella because we allow Abby on the bed and she's so cute about it. (But we don't have her kicking, or worry of her falling off, or getting in the way of our "marital needs."

    Will pray about the apt situation - hopefully they will work with you. I heard rentals are slow (surprised me) so I am surprised they want to play hardball.

    Good job on finishing your credential - I am so proud of you!!!