Monday, November 30, 2009

31 Days to the New Year

31 days before the end of the first decade of the 21st century. When you think of the coming New Year in these terms it's kind of crazy. Do you remember where you were a decade ago? Do you remember what you were hoping, planning, dreaming to achieve in your life? Were you successful or did life intervene and your goals went by the waste side?

I know a decade ago when we entered the millennium I was still in High School and was looking forward to college with no clear definite goals for what to do for work. So I think my last decade was fairly productive. I graduated high school, graduated college with a BA, got married, finished my teaching credential and had a baby. Two of my major life changes, the addition of the husband and baby, where both happy surprises, God has blessed me infinitely over the last decade. I can only hope that the next decade is just as fun and productive with many new and exciting twists and turns.

So what do you hope to accomplish in the next decade? Do you want to be improved in some way? Do you want to be healthier? or skinnier? better wife? richer? living a simpler life? better Christian? Know your friends on a deeper level? or overall just be a better person? Contribute to the world in some way? There are so many things a person can do in their life in a decade, what do you want to do?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Selling online

How many of you have ever tried to sell stuff online. It's so time consuming to post everything; then it seems like almost no one ever actually buys what you post. Adam and I have posted many things on Craig's list but out of all the people who respond saying they are interested only like 1/2 of that actually comes to fruition and I am able to sell a product. I just posted a bunch of items on Craig's list in hopes of selling for Christmas time.

Why are people so flaky online? My husband calls most of them snowflakes. If you're going to call someone and say your going to look at their furniture or other items why can't they actually do it? Don't they know someones waiting for them? Did their Mom teach them better than that? I drove from my house to my friends house, who is holding onto my dinning room furniture because it doesn't fit in my apartment, on Saturday so that someone could look at it and they didn't show up. I spent an hour driving to their house $4.75 in tolls to make sure I was on time and nothing. Not even a courteous I've changed my mind. Who does that to people?

We did finally sell one thing group of products that we've had forever to a guy the other night, which was awesome lets hope I can sell the rest of the stuff in the next few weeks. With Craig's List you have to be persistent to sell you items!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I enjoy the Christmas/Holiday Season, but like many people I'm always thinking about the "commercialization" of Christmas. So I pose the question to you all, how do you keep the season's reason in the forefront? Now that I have my daughter I wonder how do I balance Jesus and Santa.

Many have asked me why even incorporate Santa because of the argument of "if Santa is fake, maybe Jesus is too?" Many people think kids won't be able to differentiate between the fake Santa and the real Jesus. I don't think it would that difficult because many kids learn the difference between fake television, movies and video games while still understanding the real things that happen in the world too. Why not Santa and Jesus? Plus it's not like as a parent I'm bringing up Santa in July or any other time of the year, whereas Jesus will hopefully be someone we talk about all year round. So I ask why do so many Christians have an issue with Santa Clause now a days?

Are kids need ways to relate to other non-Christians and this is one of the two times in the year when people are more open to Jesus and his story. You never know you kids just may introduce Jesus to a non-believer because they first begin with the story of Santa Clause.

Second issue with Christmas how do you budget for Christmas. I know for me I think about putting away money all year round to afford a nice Christmas. What do you do? Plus what hap pens when you go over budget? Do you change your gift giving strategy or do you bring out the plastic?

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Was AWESOME!

New Moon was incredible! I was so happy that I was able to watch the midnight showing it was so Fun! It was so much better than the first movie Twilight! I think it had to do with the difference between having an independent director for Twilight and a more mainstream director for New Moon. I hope Eclipse can be better than New Moon because that is my favorite book.

Kristen Stew was awesome with the emotional zombie-ness of Bella during Edward's absence. And Jacob WOW he was beyond belief with the character he was a.) gorgeous b.) incredibly believable as Jacob I think he may as well be a little sunshine himself c.) great actor for age d.) he was ripped for the movie I kept having to chant to myself he's underage he's underage!

All in All 5 out of 5 stars and I can't wait to see it again and again!

Seriously he's 17?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Week for dinner

Meal Plan Tuesday!

Hot/cold cereal
nutella sandwich

Ham or turkey sandwiches
string cheese

Tues: Spaghetti and meatballs salad and bread
Wed: meatball sandwiches w/ salad
Thurs: BBQ Chicken sandwiches and salad
Fri: Murder Mystery dinner
Sat: Pot Roast w/ biscuits
Sun: Parents house for my Husbands birthday!
Mon: Shepherds Pie w/ biscuits
Tues: :Leftovers night

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sorry I've been gone so long

Moving has been crazy! We moved on Halloween day with the help of two friends, my uncle, and my dad. My Mom watched Isabella while Adam and I worked. It went pretty smoothly, we were done by 1:45ish. I will post pictures of the mayhem and then the resulting house hopefully by the end of the week. Also, I should have the pictures of Isabella from Halloween, she was Snow White. I must say that I love Isabella's bathroom which is also the guest bath.