Saturday, November 28, 2009

Selling online

How many of you have ever tried to sell stuff online. It's so time consuming to post everything; then it seems like almost no one ever actually buys what you post. Adam and I have posted many things on Craig's list but out of all the people who respond saying they are interested only like 1/2 of that actually comes to fruition and I am able to sell a product. I just posted a bunch of items on Craig's list in hopes of selling for Christmas time.

Why are people so flaky online? My husband calls most of them snowflakes. If you're going to call someone and say your going to look at their furniture or other items why can't they actually do it? Don't they know someones waiting for them? Did their Mom teach them better than that? I drove from my house to my friends house, who is holding onto my dinning room furniture because it doesn't fit in my apartment, on Saturday so that someone could look at it and they didn't show up. I spent an hour driving to their house $4.75 in tolls to make sure I was on time and nothing. Not even a courteous I've changed my mind. Who does that to people?

We did finally sell one thing group of products that we've had forever to a guy the other night, which was awesome lets hope I can sell the rest of the stuff in the next few weeks. With Craig's List you have to be persistent to sell you items!

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