Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I enjoy the Christmas/Holiday Season, but like many people I'm always thinking about the "commercialization" of Christmas. So I pose the question to you all, how do you keep the season's reason in the forefront? Now that I have my daughter I wonder how do I balance Jesus and Santa.

Many have asked me why even incorporate Santa because of the argument of "if Santa is fake, maybe Jesus is too?" Many people think kids won't be able to differentiate between the fake Santa and the real Jesus. I don't think it would that difficult because many kids learn the difference between fake television, movies and video games while still understanding the real things that happen in the world too. Why not Santa and Jesus? Plus it's not like as a parent I'm bringing up Santa in July or any other time of the year, whereas Jesus will hopefully be someone we talk about all year round. So I ask why do so many Christians have an issue with Santa Clause now a days?

Are kids need ways to relate to other non-Christians and this is one of the two times in the year when people are more open to Jesus and his story. You never know you kids just may introduce Jesus to a non-believer because they first begin with the story of Santa Clause.

Second issue with Christmas how do you budget for Christmas. I know for me I think about putting away money all year round to afford a nice Christmas. What do you do? Plus what hap pens when you go over budget? Do you change your gift giving strategy or do you bring out the plastic?

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  1. Love of the pictures of Bells and Santa- Grandma