Friday, February 5, 2010

Expiration Dates

When was the last time you went through your makeup bag and tried to remember when you bought that purple eyeshadow or that really awesome mascara? Recently I was watching a show and the host was informing a lady of the correct amount of time beauty products are suppose to be stored. I thought I would dig up the list and place on here for all to see. I definitely did not know some of these I have some makeup older than my relationship with my husband(we've been together 5 years).

Oil Free Foundation- 1 year
Cream or Compact Foundation- 18 months
Concealer- 12-18 months
Powder- 2 years
Blush and Bronzer- 2 years
Cream blush- 12-18 months
Powder Eye Shadow- 2 years; Cream Eyeshadow- 12- 18 months
Eyeliner- 2 years
Liquid Eyeliner- 3-6 months
Mascara- 3-5 months (heavy use go with the shorter date because of all the air getting in the bottle)
Lipstick and lip liners- 2 years
Lip gloss- 18-24 months
Nail polish- 1 year
Perfume- anywhere between 1-5 years depends on perfume and storage

Now if your anything like me you'll be shocked to see some of these dates. It definitely puts into perspective paying astronomical prices for some of these cosmetics. Personally I would probably keep my nail polish at least 3 years. Blush and powder I go through fairly quickly but I definitely won't be buying in bulk ever. Not to mention the perfume restrictions, I won't be buying too much perfume any more because most of it will spoil before you ever finish using it. I used to buy one or two perfumes a year because I love it so much, done with that now.

To keep your makeup lasting longer it should be stored in a moderate temperature with no moisture, which rules out your bathroom. Perfume same rules apply but also keep it in a dark area away from light.

Also, many of the websites say you should clean your make-up applicators once a week, I say at least monthly. I just cleaned mine on Wednesday, so I should be reminded at the beginning of each month to clean them again. The cleaning helps to prevent the spread of any infections and helps to keep your skin clean from extra oils.

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