Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January Resolution Review

It's been three days into the February and no new goals or goal review. So let's start with the review.

Eating Healthier and Being more Active- This goal went fairly well. I know I wasn't perfect, far from it but it has been a journey. Most nights I have made from scratch dinners that have for the most part included more vegetables, less fat and much less preservatives and chemicals. We ate out a few times, hopefully less next month. Activity was at least 3xs a week, I only made it to my workout class once a week, I really would like to do 2x a week.

Isabella's First Birthday Party- I put all the invitations out in the mail before my scheduled date and I bought all the supplies. Unfortunately lots of issues arose and we had to cancel her official party. We're having dinner with a few people this Saturday night in lu of the big party and then we decided to use some of the money for going to the San Diego Zoo! Should be fun!

Buy and Use Quicken- Bought it, used it and then returned it. I didn't like it, the software program was strange, my system works so I'll use it.

Start 529 Plan- Adam and I did start Isabella's 529 plan which is awesome and we've dumped most of her money that she has accumulated since birth into. I am very stoked that we completed this goals, because college costs just keep going up and up.

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