Saturday, January 23, 2010

When your World Crumbles...

If your world crumbled before you, what would you expect? That's what the people of Haiti are wondering right now. Their world has fallen, their government is literally in shambles, their jails are empty because the walls fell in, and yet last night on the telethon Hope for Haiti Now I watched a woman pulled from the wreckage of her home 6 days after the earthquake hit and she was singing. The woman was singing and praising God! I was in tears within mil-seconds.

What they are going through is devastating, I can't even imagine the pain and suffering, the fear and bewilderment that the Haitian people are going through. Every time the world goes through something heart wrenching it makes the world come together and show our true colors. Who are we if we don't help? As a Christian it makes me incredibly happy to see the people who drop their lives and their families to go and help in countries that aren't their own, for people they've never met, they risk their lives because humanity demands it of us. To help those that are less fortunate and cannot help themselves. We all are essentially selfish creatures but when times get tough we all seem to tap into the other half of our selves, our better selves, we dig deep even in times of recession and we find money to send to people who have nothing!

As horrible as the tragic events of the earthquake are I can be GLAD and REJOICE in the fact that God has called upon his servants to be there for those that are less fortunate. I can be GLAD and REJOICE that He is there in Haiti with them holding them up and loving them especially in the times of fear and pain. I can be GLAD and REJOICE that He can make beautiful, awesome and radical events happen in the midst of tragedy, that He can turn it all around. He is the only one who can make something horrifying and paint it into a beautiful picture of people helping people.

If you haven't given yet, there are a multitude of organizations, the Red Cross or the Hope for Haiti Now organization, your local church is also probably accepting specific donations for the small country of Haiti. Show your love with any donation possible.


  1. Nice way of putting it Jacqueline. Give Bella a hug for me. Darlene

  2. Thanks Darlene. I'm glad you come on and read, it's nice of you. I hope your enjoying your calender!