Friday, January 8, 2010


At my apartment community they host Bingo once a month; there is no buy in; and the prizes are gift baskets. So far since we've lived here I have one three times out of the three times that I have gone with my mom. How funny is that. I think I should take myself to Vegas and see if I could win some serious money.... I never would because I probably wouldn't win but it just funny to think about.

Also I can now start substitute teaching out here at the local school district. It took a month to get into their system but now that I am in I just have to wait for jobs. I call in everyday hoping their are jobs that I can fill. But nothing yet. I'm only trying to work like one or two days a week to earn extra money for the extras in life, like presents, vacations and maybe a new car in a year or two. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will post my yummy chili recipe later. It was fabulous with a really good kick to it.

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