Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! January 2010

I can't believe it's the New Year and a New Decade! My husband and I were talking and if you think about it at the close of this decade I will be 35 years old. That's crazy! But I don't want to focus on the long term right now, just the short term this month!

I restarted my focus on getting healthier and eating better yesterday morning. Counting those points, its time consuming but it will all be worth it! I made yummy red beans and rice last night for dinner with cheese biscuits. It was so yummy and surprisingly light in points. Basically just sausage and beans are the only calories included the rest is seasoning and vegetables. I really want to focus and keep maintaining a healthy life for Adam, Isabella and myself.

I want to make sure I go to the community gym three times a week. I need to sweat, exercise makes me happy, after the fact! Never while I'm actually doing it.

Save some more money for Bella's first b-day next month. I can't wait to have her first party it will be so much fun. Start planning for it and get the invitations out by the 23rd. That will give everyone 2 weeks to respond.

Start using my new budget software. Adam and I are going to Cost Co today to pick up Quicken! I've wanted it for like a year and I am just know going to buy it. Hopefully it will work well and it will help us track our savings more.

Start Isabella's official college fund. Were talking to a financial advisor next week about a 529 plan.

Lots of little things hopefully it will all go well. I hope everyone has time and energy to accomplish their goals for the month and the year! Start small and work up to the bigger picture!

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