Monday, January 4, 2010

My Church Family

I was so proud of my church family over the weekend. Sometimes my Church gets alot of flack for its size and different objections to how it is run. I've learned to look past that because alot of the people who have oppositions and issues with it don't come regularly to see how awesome and fantastic the services are, how much energy and love is placed into the ministries, and how much people learn and grow in love for God and many other things.

But before the weekend our pastor informed the church family (that is the actual members) that the church had a shortfall at the last service of the year for tithe and due to the recession they had been clinging tightly to the budget all year and due to the low weekend service attendance they didn't make their normal tithe income. They were facing coming into the New Year with a deficit. So our pastor asked everyone to pray about the possibility to help close that gap that was created.

The outcome of the letter was astounding! The church family donated over and above what was needed by about 2.5 times! The church and more importantly the members do so much for the community its always amazing to see how they are willing to give even when money is tight to continue to help others. It put a smile in my heart and more importantly I think it put a smile on Gods face to see radical generosity from the church family!

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