Thursday, September 3, 2009

Losing that Weight

So it's been two weeks since I've decided to really try and lose weight. I decided to get on the scale yesterday and it showed a little over a one pound weight lose. I was very pleased; I just hope it stays off. I only got in two hikes last week and none so far this week. But hopefully I'll do better this week. Tonight I'm going to go walk Rancho Santa Margarita lake with a friend and her daughter, that should be fun.

To help with my health kick I've been contemplating organic vs. non-organic foods. I wonder if it's really any healthier or if its just a bunch of garbage? I really prefer less refined or processed foods, that's why I've been trying to learn how to cook more from scratch. Other than that I've been thinking about organic meats, cheeses and milk; I'm more worried about hormones than pesticides. Anybody have any information or websites about health benefits from eating organic? Or websites about how inconsequential organic food is?

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  1. Jacqueline - I believe there is something to eating organic. I have a few good friends who have amazing stories about their health turning around once they made the switch. The hard part seems to be sticking to it, and deciding to spend the extra money. Here is an amazing site to poke around: The page in particular: gives the cost and benefits of going organic. I realize it's just one site, but I hope the data helps. :)