Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Weight

Oh.... the dreaded baby weight. I was able to shed a large portion of the lbs that I gained with my daughter very quickly due to breastfeeding. I was shocked after I had her, within' like 2 weeks I had dropped the first 20 lbs, then by the time she was 2 months I was down 40 lbs. But that left the last 10lbs of weight for me to work on getting off.

I waited until May before I really started to work at trying to relinquish the last 10 to the diet gods... because I so didn't want to deal with it. Fortunately by my summer vacation trip to Maryland to visit the in-laws I was able to drop 4 lbs which left me with 6 to go. Unfortunately, by the end of that trip I was back up to 10. Now 5 weeks later I am back to 6 lbs left to drop. Which isn't so bad except that I still haven't been able to get focused to try and lose it.

Also, when I got pregnant with Isabella I was trying to lose weight. So just a second ago while I was sitting on the couch enjoying my afternoon cookie I realized I technically have 36lbs to lose because originally I wanted to lose 30 and then I have to add the 6 baby lbs left. While I sat staring dejectedly at the last of my cookie crumbs I wondered if I was going to be able to really focus and finish getting the darn weight off.

I have done weight watchers before but due to a tight budget actually signing up for the program is not a possibility. So now I am going to be conscientious eater and lose this weight. I'm sure we've all made the effort before to lose weight and we all probably only succeed maybe 10% of the time. But I don't want to go to the pool or beach next summer with a roll of baby weight still attached to my middle and dimples where there shouldn't be any. I want to look like the 24 year old that I am.

My cousins, Tessa, Nic and Jen and my Aunt Kim are the perfect example for me. They have all lost the baby weight and look great now. Tessa, especially lately, has been doing outdoor exercise (mountain biking) which is my favorite. I don't think I could do mountain biking because I'm an absolute klutz but I need to start really taking care of my body and lose this darn weight. Plus I need to take greater care in creating dinners that have great taste but less calories. I have a huge sweet tooth since being pregnant so nixing all dessert treats is a no-go but I will try and find ones that are less in calories and fat.

Is there anyone else who wants to try this mission with me? Losing weight is always easier with a friend. We can swap recipes that we find and we can check in on progress every Wednesday. Leave a comment if you want to help each other out.

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  1. Hi Jacqueline - fun blog. I am RIGHT there with you. Just wait too, if you don't have wonderful genetics and carry extra weight, you run into lots of issues and drs just want to prescribe you stuff that is generally not nearly as good for you as getting in shape, eating better, etc.
    Have you checked out this site? http://www.hungry-girl.com/ She's gotten pretty popular, but I subscribe to her newsletter and she is not for no sweet tooth, but just less. Good ideas.... I have 6 weeks to either get it together and be serious, or I am being told I really must be on meds for high cholesteral. YUCK -there is a downside to this sort to thing too.