Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something Different today...

Last week when I was out with a girlfriend I mentioned to her that if you aren't vigilant then life just passes you by. I noticed this because while I was cleaning my house I kept getting a sense of deja vu, it was as if the interceding week had never even occurred. So this week I made it my mission to DO something different, no matter how small it was. I needed a change.

I decided to do a hike! I'm not in the greatest shape yet so I was a little worried to try anything too rugged. So I chose one that I didn't think would be much of a challenge; it's just down the street from my apartment and it starts next to a del taco.

At first when I got out and started with what I thought was the beginning of the trail I was quickly disappointed because it made a sharp circle into a "zen" garden with a few benches and butterfly art pieces. I was sad so I packed Isabella back up in the car and started to drive to the lake. I didn't get very far because not more than 10 yards up the street was the trail head. So I parked at the nearest center and began my exploratory hike at Oso Creek Trail.
( You can use this link to check out my hike and others near you. I enjoyed myself and I got to experience something different besides my normal lake walk.

God said he wanted us to live life abundantly, I think he would want to make sure we all got to experience something new on a weekly basis. Don't be passive, hoping for new experiences to land in you lap we are all creature of habit. If you don't go out and try new things, life experiences will pass you by.

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