Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Weeks Menu

This weeks waste was minimal since we ate everything on the list. I had a some leftover parsley, cilantro and celery left over from a few weeks ago that I had to throw out but other than that everything went according to plan.

hot/cold cereal
Banana Blueberry muffins

Pb&J sandwiches
string cheese
granola bars

Enchiladas with beans, chips and salsa
Chicken Cesar salad wraps
Orange chicken and stir fry rice
Pizza with chicken wings and salad
Taco Salad

We should have one night of leftovers and one night Adam will be out of town so I will just throw together whatever for dinner. If you haven't noticed lunch is pretty much always the same for us. We very the type of sandwich sometimes but the rest remains the same. Simple is better when it comes to lunch.

How much prep time do you spend trying to figure out what your going to do for the week meal wise? Planning, shopping, preparing in advance?


  1. I love how you care about throwing food out. We throw out more than I want to, but it's gotten better since I have become a housewife. I try hard to envision on Monday nights (trash comes early Tuesday AM) as I take a look pretending it's dollar bills I am tossing away. Makes it so real that it is wasteful and hurts when you are on a budget and the money could be going elsewhere.

    On another topic- have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? We went last night and it was so delightful. Fun and easy, and I thought of you with your blog!

  2. P.S. On the menu this week - add more veggies!! Make a big salad, they will last at least a week if you "salad spin" the water out!