Saturday, August 22, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Just wanted to take a moment and ask what is up with women's Halloween costumes. It seems as though you can either dress up as a witch, a slut, or a witch who is a slut. I don't get it. Why are men's costumes funny or scary, whereas women have to be provocative?

What started this trend? Did women make the trend popular, where we buying slutty costumes only so the corporations started producing more and more? or did the corporations decide for us that we are only eye candy so they changed the costumes to suit what they deemed appropriate Halloween attire?
The costume to the left was labeled Charm School Dropout. Is that what any female wants to go to a party as. This was the most covered up costume I could find. The rest was basically fetish lingerie.
Would you let your 16 year old wear this out of the house to school? I think not. So why is it ok on Halloween?

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