Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Workout

So, I called my girlfriend Christina up this morning and we met up at the lake for my first workout since vacation,which was at the beginning of July. It was excruciating. I don't think it would have been so bad except for my daughters stroller weighs like 20 lbs plus her so going up hills while pushing 40+ lbs sucked. But I feel better now that I did it. I now know what it will feel like if I ever have a heart attack. I can't wait until I am at a point when it doesn't hurt so much to workout.

Does anyone actually enjoy working out? If your being honest, do you get jazzed for your workouts or do you only like the after effects of the endorphins and the way it makes your body look?

I personally can't stand working out, it takes everything I have to actually get my booty out of the car to workout, but once the workouts done and somewhere in the middle of it I begin to enjoy the experience. But always at the beginning it sucks and I don't want to do it.

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