Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Losing that Weight

So today's the end of my first full week trying to lose the weight. Again.

It was not too bad. I wasn't great but I didn't expect to be. I wanted to ease myself into the process. I didn't get on the scale to judge my progress because I don't want this to be a "weight issue." I just want to be healthy, their is too much focus on the number. What I want it is to just be OK with what I'm serving my family every night and what I'm doing to keep my body healthy.

Everyone always talks about the stewardship of money which I think is very important but people don't really talk about stewardship of you body as much. Gods dwelling place is inside of me and I don't want him living in a rundown shack I want to make sure he's at least hanging out in a nice 2 bedroom condo with all the fixings. The Lord knows that I've tried to lose weight many times but its always been without him, this time I trying to make sure its with him, hopefully that will make a big difference.

A girlfriend of mine pointed out that I was making brownies this week and that wasn't exactly health conscious food. She's right its not. I chose to eat a small portion of anything I want to, depriving myself is never a smart move I always go back to eating the deleted food in a large portion when my self control wanes. Deleting any food item or group of items is not balanced or healthy, in my opinion its best to learn how to incorporate all foods into your diet while maintaining control. Unless of course your diabetic or some other disease which cause items to be deleted then you have to work with whats allowable for you body.

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  1. I agree completely on eating things in moderation--my menu plans probably look incredibly unhealthy because I ALWAYS include dessert. Why? Because I know myself and I know my husband, and if I don't plan for dessert, we'll go out and buy it...and it won't be nearly as healthy or cheap as if I made it myself! If we were eating unhealthy food all day long, that's one thing, but we don't, so we don't believe in depriving ourselves.