Monday, August 17, 2009

Comleted Grocery Shopping

I never got to go grocery shopping Saturday like I wanted to, so I went this afternoon and I wanted to say that I came out under budget with the help of a store preferred card and a store coupon for $5 off the entire purchase I walked out of Albertsons for $79.89 with tax.

Rice 1.89, Spagehtti Sauce 1.29, Jelly 3.19, Bread 3.99, Salad Dressing 3.69, Cheetos 1.69, Tortilla chips 2.50, No Yolk Noodles 1.29,Black Beans (2) 2.38
Total 21.91

Baking Goods
Chocolate Chips 2.99, Yeast 2.89, Vanilla Extract 5.99, Flour (2) 4.58, Corn Syrup 3.39
Total 19.84

Soda +crv 5.10
Total 5.10

Milk 1% 2.99, Whipping Cream 2.50, 12 Eggs 1.79
Total 7.28

Chicken Thighs 1.0lb 3.71, Blade steak 1.08lbs 3.23
Total 6.94

Bananas 1.13, Peachs 1.97, Limes 1.95, Avocado (3) 5.97, Garlic .50, Onion 1.41, Serrano chile .04, Cilantro .89, Romaine lettuce 2.99, White Corn .50, Bell Peppers(2) 1.58
Total 18.93

Sandwich bags 4.49
Total 4.49

Full Tota(without coupon)= 84.49
43 items
Hopefully we'll have no food waste this week. Some of the items can be transfered over to next week and beyond. But most of all will be consumed this week.
Have any of you tried to list your food like I did this week? I've heard it can help with trying to cut your food bill because you see item and category of where your overspending? It takes a little time to in put (like 5 minutes) on your computer but it may be worth it if you can learn to cut your grocery bill. My groceries are my largest expense besides rent, so it may be worth it for me do this everyweek. I'll try it for a month and see.

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